Linguistic Redundancy


I found this doing some research a while ago (it had nothing to do with the research I was doing, so I'm not breaking any confidentialities here). For some reason it really tickles me:

"Section 285 does not permit sanctions except in exceptional cases." Atlantic Thermoplastics Co. v. Faytex Corp., 970 F.2d 834, 835 (Fed. Cir. 1992).


that's 835 n.1, young man!

And, yes, I looked up the case. Because I didn't get what was so funny. I still don't. Perhaps I am exceptional.

oh, wait, now i get it. that's pretty funny.

i kinda feel like i'm lisa simpson in that episode where she can't get that stupid puzzle with the reflections of the numerals. except my hair isn't as spikey.

Ah! Damn Lexis' incomplete "Copy with cite" button. Leaves out the damn footnote citations and can't distinguish between district courts within a state. There's no such thing as "D. Cal."!

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