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If there's one thing I like about working late at home, it's watching Good Times on TV Land. And if there's one thing I like about watching Good Times on TV Land, it's the occasional bizarre "Hey, it's that guy!" moments that the show's numerous one-off guest stars create.

For example, on a recently aired episode, Jay Jay and three of his friends (together comprising the self-proclaimed "Awesome Foursome") buy a car together. One of the Awesome Foursome, inexplicably named "Head," looked familiar, so I looked him up on IMDB. Turns out that, after his semi-recurring role on Good Times as an offensive Black stereotype, he went on to play Mike, the easy-going teacher on Punky Brewster and a positive Black role model for the show's mostly White children.

Even more exciting, last night's episode centered on a lovable wino named "Fishbone" Johnson, who was played by none other than Robert Guillaume. Robert Guillaume, as well all know, went on to play Benson, the erudite and wise-cracking butler on Soap. Guillaume also played Benson on the Soap spin-off, Benson. Fewer people may know that Guillaume was the third person to play the Phantom in the original run of The Phantom of the Opera. Guillaume replaced Davis Gaines, who had replaced Michael Crawford.



Robert Guillaume also played the boss on Sports Night.

I actually SAW the Phantom of the Opera when Robert Guillaume was the Phantom.

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