Dies Irae


Meli and I went to the symphony last night and saw/heard Verdi's Requiem Mass. It was fabulous. The lyrics were printed in the program in the original Latin together with their English translations, and at one point the chorus sings: "Pie Jesu domine, dona eis requiem" ("Merciful Lord Jesus, give them rest"). If that sounds familiar it's because it's what the face-smacking guys are chanting in Monty Python and the Holy Grail. When I alerted Meli to this fact during the performance (there was no intermission) she told me to hush up. Apparently she wasn't as excited about this discovery as I was.


I object to that characterization of events. In a loud stage whisper Matt delightedly informed me of his discovery. As I was A) thinking he was way too loud, B) distressed as usual over his inanity during cultural events, and C) desperately trying to keep up with where we were in the lyrics, I giggled and shushed him. Anyone in my shoes would have done the same.

That is funny!

I thought that phrase sounded familiar - when I was in the high school Chorale we sang Rutter's Requiem - also a beautiful and moving piece that contained these very lyrics. I sure am glad I didn't make this connection then, cuz I surely would have interupted at least the alto section with my giggles during our very serious and somber performance at the local Methodist church during Christmas.

Good times.... :)

Dude that rules. I always wondered what those guys were saying. Nice find.

While I'm sure the Verdi requiem was lovely, I must say that I think Mozart's in D is better. Largely the same lyrics, as you can imagine.

I sang in the chorus for Verdi's Requiem my freshman year at college. I had a terrible cold, and I remember waiting for the loud parts in the Dies Irae so I could cough.

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