Big Freakin' Cat


Am I wrong to want one of these?

I found [SEE BELOW BEFORE CLICKING!!!]this on Something Awful. According to the [THIS ONE TOO!!!]SA thread, which compiles a lot of photos, the basic story is that there's a Russian family who adopted some wild kittens/cubs, who grew up to be really big cats. I think they're neat.

In the Russian thread, on page three you will encounter a picture of a woman in a bathtub with the cat, and you can kind of see her parts through the murky water. In either thread, you will see a photographic record of the big cuddly cat killing, dismembering, and devouring a chicken. Click with caution.


it looks a bit like an ocelot, which you can get here like 3rd generation so they're not QUITE as big and they cost sometimes a couple thousand. less if it's not breedable or in the right lines. i've wanted one for years. but don't really have 2K to spend. but there are many, many ocelot "farms" around the US where you can purchase one and they'll ship it to you.

Do they put them in suspended animation before they ship them? That would be rad.

It might be simpler just to go steal one from the Wild.

AWESOME! You'd better invite me over when you get one!

The big cat is called a Savannah. Its a cross between a domestic cat and I think the wild part is called a Sengel.

these and Bengel cats are huge.

this is a fishing cat from SE Asia. Google it dudes.

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