Screwing Around with Links Again


I added a few more links to Ye Olde Sidebarre. Say hello to:

Sunship Balloons, who joins us from Wisconsin, but will hopefully be returning to California soon (what's the status on that, by the way?)/

The Neutral Zone Trap, helmed by a woman whose name sounds really familiar but whom I don't think I've ever met, and whose most recent entry is tragically hilarious. Kind of like this gif:

Queen's Law Life, who will add some international flava by telling us how they do things in the Northland.

Two-Timing the Cosmos, who has been filed under "Law-Type Blogs" because our connection comes via the legendary Girl Walks Into a Bar (Exam) blog from last summer.

UPDATE: Did some minor screwing with the webcomic section -- deleted Spamusement, which seems to be dead, and added Cyanide and Happiness.


I think I can safely assure you we've never met.

Thanks for the link - I'm not sure I've ever been likened to a wallaby, but I'll take it as a good thing.

I empathize with the wallaby. He is me. He even looks a little like me.

that wallaby makes me cry a little. stupid bird.

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