Preppy Cartoon Hipster Matt


(Doo dah, doo dah...)

GG inspired me to mess around with Yahoo!'s avatar generator. I even used the same background as she did, since we're both lawyers. So what do you think? Should I use this in place of "ROAST BEEF SANDWICHED!!!" over there?

UPDATE: Meli now has her own avatar as well. Check it out!


I think your drawing has more personality. Besides, you're supposed to be a cartoonist of some kind so you might as well use it. But it does make me want to make an avatar. Just not enough to get a Yahoo account.

i still say bring back join me or die.

Ah, I had forgotten about that one.

Here's a little Independence Day treat for you, Kristen.

I created one of those things a long time ago, and every time I check my mail she blinks at me. Annoying! But just about equally as annoying as the blank avatar they give you.

I was going to join the flock and post mine, but i logged in and noticed that you can get a carl's jr. cow molesting background. So, instead, i'm going to cry.

Yay! I love the fact that you can have a panda and/or dragon and/or unicorn as a pet. That's the only reason to like them.

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