New Strip, More Fiddling


I posted a new strip in the slightly re-designed comics site. Each strip now has its own page, and the old archive is linked to the new era. I'm sure we're all very excited.

The latest strip is in honor of my impending departure from The Firm (just one month left now), along with the recent departure of one of my colleagues who "up and left" two weeks ago. It also acknowledges the curiously high number of divorce lawyer referral requests that I find myself fielding, always with the same answer: "I'm too junior to know that many lawyers, but my dad is a divorce lawyer so he may know somebody in your area." Now if you're looking for a patent prosecutor, well, I can't help you either.

More strips on the way. No, really.


"impending departure"? What impending departure? How did I miss this story?


Faithful Reader (faithful, in that I come by at least as often as posts are made). :-)

I'm leaving in a month to do a clerkship. It certainly feels impending to me, at any rate.

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