Brief Thoughts on "Dumpster Day" by Elizabeth Statmore

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This morning's just-after-7:30 "Perspective" on NPR inspired me to finally track down the Perspectives Editor and voice my feelings. Here's the note I wrote to Mr. Trautwein:

From: Matt
To: mtrautwein
Date: Jul 6, 2006 7:58 AM
Subject: Riveting!

Dear Mark,

Great choice on Perspectives this morning. I really enjoyed Elizabeth Statmore's fascinating account of how she had a bunch of stuff in her house that she wanted to get rid of so she rented a dumpster. It's these kinds of ground-breaking stories that lead me to question the significance of my career and other daily activities. Clearly, there are more important things I could be doing with my time on this Earth.

Keep up the good work, buddy.


Mark wrote me back a few hours later and claimed that he detected sarcasm. The very thought! Also, in my research this morning regarding whom I should contact with my Perspectives-related comments I learned that KQED gives each accepted Perspectives writer a $65 "honorarium" for their troubles. So now, at the end of each particularly grating ninety seconds of self-indulgent pabulum, I can yell "Sixty five dollars!" in frustration, and hopefully that'll make me feel better.

With a perspective, I'm Matt.

Matt is a lawyer and writer living in Palo Alto. Views expressed on Perspectives are not necessarily those of KQED or its sponsors. We wouldn't want our listeners to think that our sponsors actually support renting dumpsters to throw away unwanted household clutter. And now, here's Cy Musiker with a story about bees.

1 Comment

I have a similar problem with a Portland news blog. I read this blog to keep up on local events and politics, but half the time the posts are crap.

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