Boalt at the Supreme Court


According to the most recent edition of Boalt Hall eNews (which I only read for things like this), an esteemed member of the Boalt Hall Class of 2005 will be clerking for Associate Justice John Paul "Old Man" Stevens for the Supreme Court's 2007 term. His name is Todd. I met him once. He seems nice and people who know him can't seem to say enough good things about him. He struck me as a surprisingly athletic-looking fellow for someone who's an obvious hard-core law geek. He's tall, is what I'm saying.

During our graduation, Boalt tried to give Todd the award for the highest GPA in the class, even though Boalt doesn't have GPAs, and one sixth of our grades hadn't been recorded yet. After a gushing professor gave a brief speech about Todd and called him up for the award, there was no Todd. Someone from the audience shouted that Todd was at Harvard, finishing up his year in the Boalt-Harvard 3L exchange program. If you think they should have figured that out before the ceremony, you don't know anything about the University of California.

Rumor has it that Todd was also a finalist for the outstanding female student of color award, because he's just that good.


You could take him.

yawn. clerkship gossip is SO yesterday.

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