They couldn't get past the stem cell research veto, but it's nice to see the House has managed to get down on some jurisdictional stripping. It probably won't pass the Senate, so they say, but if it does the constitutionality of the bill is kind of up in the air. There are a handful of geeky Fed Courts cases about this, but I don't believe the courts have taken on jurisdiction stripping recently in any meaningful way. As my Fed Courts professor said, a showdown on this issue has been avoided mainly because Congress, regardless of the degree and direction of its ideological slant, has generally been trusted not to open up this can of worms. Although a friend pointed out this morning that there have been at least two Supreme Court cases in the past few years where the Court dodged the issue, so apparantly Congress has been dallying in this field after all.

In other legal stripping news, the Third Circuit just held that lapdancing in bars is not protected by the First Amendment. Sounds like the New Jersey Division of Alcoholic Beverage Control could use some lobbying.


I still giggle whenever I read the word "frottage".

i was at a play last night at the cal shakes festival and they used the word "frottage". i almost fell out of my chair, i was laughing so hard.

it's interesting to note that i only learned what 'frottage' meant about 2 weeks ago and have since heard it used in conversation 4 times. what is with this sudden influx of frottaging in my life?

I think it means that Fortune is smiling upon you. With frottage.

My friend in college made a T-shirt that said "FROTTIGY" in big block letters that looked like they were thrusting forth from a distance. He was very proud of it.

Was that Dan from physics who owned that shirt?

Yes, it was Dan. I remember him telling me he was going to make the shirt, and then showing me the shirt after he made it. Given the fact that this is the man who once built a motorcycle out of a regular bike and a lawnmower engine, I was a little surprised at how pleased he was with his handiwork.

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