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Hey Matt, question for you.

I got Law Review + Scholarship at Loyola. I also got into UCLA Law as a Transfer.

Should I stay or should I go?


I think the "ipod killer" news is probably the most overplayed news item of the year.

see all digg stories on "ipod killer".


slashdot stories

I'll believe it when I see it. (note : I don't have or want an ipod)

I have an iPod. I want a Zune.

i want it not to be called 'Zune'.

If you havenn't seen it, it's worth checking out this parody of what the iPod packaging would look like if it was designed by Microsoft.

Microsoft is such a joke of a company. They have all the money in the world but they still have to wait for another company to create a new product so they can create a "killer" for it -- a ripped off product that's virtually always inferior to the original.

The iPod leaves a lot of room for superiority. I'm hoping they at least lose the stupid click wheel and the doomed, irreplaceable battery.

I'm very, very skeptical about this Microsoft iPod. Since most of their products come out before they're actually bug-free they require tons of updates to keep them functional and even then the software isn't what I'd call "reliable". If Microsoft made cars, they would have been laughed or sued out of the market long ago and since there's already a pretty darn good iPod out there, the real iPod, I doubt their (stupidly named) Zune is really going to "kill" the iPod.

I've already been through the nightmare of an MP3 player with defective software and self-destructive hardware, so I'm definitely not giving up my iPod and my (soon-to-be) hard-earned money for a rip-off version that I suspect will constantly crash and compromise the security and integrity of my system.

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