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I've left The Firm and begun my one-year stint as a government employee, and as such I'm feeling a little more antsy about (1) blogging about work and (2) posting my own uninformed legal commentary. So I'm going to be doing less of these things from now on, at least for the next year. I'm not sure how much of either of those things I've been doing on a regular basis, but whatever it is it'll be less so for a while.

I won't have any compunction about blogging about law firms, the legal profession in general, legal developments that don't bear directly on the types of things that I'll be working on as a law clerk, law school, or the types of trade-rag gossip that shows up on So in that regard I should be able to maintain some legitimacy as a "blawg." As for legal commentary, I've started another, completely anonymous blog (which I'm not going to link to here for obvious reasons), which will be the sounding board for my wacky perspectives on court decisions and what-not. I'll quietly add a link to my sidebar shortly. If you want me to email the link to you, let me know.

Finally, I've made some feeble attempts to anonymize this very blog as well (for example, I no longer use my last name to sign my posts or comments). So, if you're one of those people who likes to refer to me by my last name in comments, please choose another nickname for the time being. "H-Bomb" is still preferred.

I think that's it. Happy Monday.


good luck with that. i wish i could believe it was going to work.

holy cow, the law really did win.

people who link to you with your first and last name should also change the links i think. i don't always listen when gene talks but sometimes i glean a little in spite of myself.

Sounds good, Hot Lips.

Clearly I missed the joke, 'cause clicking the "email me the link to the new blog" link just takes me to Yahoo. And to show that I am easily fooled, I clicked it a second time! :-)

Doh, sorry. I fixed it. It was an http link instead of a mailto link.

The e-mail address, just to avoid any further mishaps, is

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