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Today the chambers staff for Fall 2006 became complete, with the arrival of Extern #3. Because the judge, her secretary, her courtroom deputy, my co-clerk, and Externs #1 and #2 are all older than I am, I was hoping that Extern #3 would be younger than me, so I wouldn't have to be the youngest person in chambers. No luck, alas. Extern #3 is two years older than I am.

So I guess I can add another office title to my ever-increasing list. For those keeping score at home, here are the titles my co-clerk and I have come up with for each other so far:

Senior Law Clerk
Admiral of Admiralty
The Smart One

Chief Science Officer*
Extern Captain First Class
The Funny One
The Baby

I now feel perfectly entitled to use a Stewie voice whenever I feel like it.

* Nobody in chambers is enough of a Star Trek fan to understand this reference, and truth be told I wouldn't come up with it were it not for Meli. Although I do have a certain degree of innate Star Trek fluency arising from my formidable nerd-dom.


Chief Science Officer is a Star Trek: The Animated Series reference? I didn't even know there was an animated series.

Wait, how did I inspire Chief Science Officer? Because I sure as hell didn't come up with it myself!

You told me that Spock's position was Chief Science Officer, otherwise I wouldn't have known that. I also wouldn't have watched Star Treks II-IV were it not for you. Thank you for bringing Star Trek into my life in earnest.

Nuclear wessels?

Two words: holodeck porn.

I was born in the wrong century.

we have porn so real that you can feel it in this century too, doc. we call it 'sex.'

yea not quite the same. fewer restrictions (and commitments) with the holodeck women.

Kind of like Eccentrica Gallumbits?

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