My Groady Life in Pictures, Part Two: The Neighbour's Bath Water in My Soup Pot


Molly and I were sound asleep just now when I was awakened by the sound of large quantities of water dripping onto linoleum. At first I thought our cat was taking a giant piss on the bathroom floor. I bound out of bed to investigate and found....

Water! Dripping out of the light fixture in my bathroom! No, really! Look!

I scrambled to find the largest container I could find, and settled on our largest soup pot (which still isn't very big). As I prepared the arrangement of pot-and-towels, I came into contact with the water and found it to be warm and slightly shampoo-smelling. The suds in the pot confirmed it.

Bath water.

Someone else's. In my soup pot. This does not make me happy.

Here's what we're dealing with while we wait for the emergency maintenance guy.

How can I ever eat soup in this house again?

Note 1: The maintenance guy made it stop. But we still have a soaking wet overhead light, and that's no good.

Note 2: I don't want to hear about the cat litter on the floor.

Note 3: The guys at the SA Forums are telling me I'm going to get mold. Rad!


Dude! It's totally like in that Blade movie where blood comes out of the sprinklers!


We had a similar problem back a few months ago, where water was pouring out of the ceiling above our shower. Turns out there was a giant blockage in the pipes that had backed up and caused it to leak.

Fortunately it was right over the shower, so all the water went down our shower drain.

Damn apartments.

Just don't let any babies get in that soup pot.

c'mon, hol. when life gives you soapsuds, make soapsud soup.

Big deal. In Berkeley that used to happen over the bookshelf next to my bed. And over my desk. And it never got fixed.

The worst thing about cat litter is you can never go to the bathroom without shoes on or you have to feel cat litter against your socks and it is disgusting.

i had mice in my apartment in new york. they scuttled under the stove every night as i drifted off to sleep. that was way worse.

ew. there's probably lots of dead skin cells floating around in there, too.

one of my apartments in berkeley had mold growing on some of the walls.

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