The Pumpkin Thief Returns!


After yesterday's pumpkin pilfering I thought our remaining balcony pumpkins may be in danger, and I was right. This morning I once again spotted the bastard squirrel trying to make off with one of our tiny pumpkins.


We kept the small pumpkins on the railing, and yesterday he managed to carry the pumpkin all the way along the railing before jumping into a nearby tree. Today, he made the fatal mistake of dropping the pumpkin onto the balcony. You can see he's having trouble with it.

This was a larger pumpkin, but he still managed to carry it away. Unfortunately he made a slight miscalculation.

He's thinking, "Fuck!"

He manages to move the pumpkin, but only gets it wedged more tightly between the slats. This was the last shot I could take before he scampered off in despair.

Ruby, meanwhile, increasingly enraged at having her homestead violated by a larcenous rodent,* can only watch from behind the sliding class door.

* I don't know if a squirrel is a rodent. I'm just saying that now so no zoology geeks rake me over the coals about it.


Hee! A happy Halloween for all!

Okay, while that squirrel might be a little bastard. I do have to admit that this is the cutest thing I've ever seen/read. I hadn't even realized that squirrels liked pumpkins ;)

haha! that's awesome.

i'm so tempted to go out and buy little pumpkins to make my own little squirrely friends! the ones living at my house already try to come in the windows and gnash at the screens with their little teeth. we could totally be best friends if i had rabies shots first.

That is so cute.

If a squirrel gets into your home, the best thing to do is shut it up in your roommate's bedroom and deal with it when he gets back from his business trip.

I just discovered we have a mouse. do you think mice like pumpkins? the pics probably wouldn't be as cute.

Apparently, this is getting to be an epedemic. Check out cute overload's squirrel and pumpkin

this is too f'ing funny. i laughed out loud. and, i will heed the public service announcement and be on the lookout for thieves in my neighborhood...

Ah. Well, we do have two full-sized would-be jack-o-lanterns on the balcony, so I'm guessing that once the squirrel exhausts the small pumpkins he'll go after the big'uns. I'll keep an eye out with the camera ready.

Way too may hypens in-this-post.

First of all, you already have pumpkins? It's barely October! Second, maybe that squirrel just wanted to make his own jack-o-lantern. Maybe I ought to get mini-pumpkins so my cats can be entertained while I'm away at work.

omg. i never knew of 'cute overload'. i am now overwhelmed and sort of in love. after all, how can one not love cats in racks?>

Cute Overload was actually cited in a California Court of Appeal opinion recently (albeit in a dissent). Story here.

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