Another Visit from Squirrel Ninja


The pumpkin thief stopped by again this morning, hoping to finish what he started. Only this time the pumpkin was closely and jealously guarded.

"And now we play... the waiting game."

Once again my shutterbugging drove him off, but not before he gave me a little stinkeye action.

Here's Pepe trying to get a good look at the squirrel scampering up the tree:

On a related note, Pepe has been sneezing a lot lately. Prolonged, adorable sneezing fits. Anyone know what that might be about?


No joke, I had a cat that was dealing with that kind of sneezing fit once. We took her to the vet, who promptly removed a two-inch blade of grass from its sinuses. It's worth a look with a flashlight.

Ben, you should really teach your cat the difference between what's meant to be snorted and what's meant to be smoked.

I've been wondering just what it is you do for a living. I was under the impression that you were a big, fancy lawyer but you seem to have so much free time take fantastic and hilarious pictures of ninja squirrels and kitties waiting to pounce...One more thing- I could use another Lost analysis as I am lost after last week’s show. The whole Cool Hand Luke thing was ‘cool’ though.

As we were leaving the house yesterday, we saw the ninja squirrel boldly standing in the middle of our balcony railing, taunting our cats with his dominance of their territory.

We then went on to see a similar scene between the Chargers and 49ers.

Pepe is obviously either allergic to pumpkins or squirrels.

You need to put a pumpkin on one of these:

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