Seattle Supports Single Moms


The people of the City of Seattle have rejected a ballot referendum that would have outlawed lapdances in the city. Way to go, Seattle.

The referendum would also have mandated brighter lights, a tip jar instead of direct contributions to dancers, and restrictions on VIP rooms. Needless to say, this would have constrained the economic vitality of Seattle's many exotic dancers.

I think "Asia" put it best in this quote from yesterday:

"We already have enough rules," said Asia, her sparkly eyelashes flaring in the club's black light. "The four-foot rule will mean I can't make a living. Who is going to pay $20 to stand four feet away and watch me dance? No one[, that's who]."

More info on "Asia":

She makes about $48,000 a year, performing 20 or so lap dances a night for software writers, college kids and the occasional fisherman. It is a good living, she says, for a single mom with a 4-year-old daughter.

You've taken a stand for Freedom, people of Seattle. I salute you.


"the occasional fisherman"? What, does the Old Spice guy show up at the bar every once in a while?

Seattle's a big fishing city. They have the fish-throwing guys.

I'm wondering how the cherry perfume holds up against the stench of a long day's fishin'.

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