San Francisco Drops Bid for 2016 Olympics


Oh well. I guess we'll miss out on the opportunity to have our freeways clogged with traffic and our already over-taxed public transit systems crippled as the Olympic games spread their boring filth throughout the Bay Area. Looks like Los Angeles and Chicago will have to fight over who gets to host seven hundred different kinds of swimming races, all competed in by the same twelve people.

Ye gods, do I hate the Olympics.


Allow me to lead the thanksgiving parade- thanksgiving for the fact that we do not have to deal with Olympics crap for the next 10 years. And damn that dude from the city for blaming the 49ers for his problems-- as if, somehow, Candlestick park would become uninhabitable if the 49ers pulled up stakes!

My hatred of marathons definitey spills over into olympics when they shut down streets and make it hard to drive. bleh. can't we all just compete virtually by now. video conference, you tube, something?

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