The Proper Suppression of Play-Doh Germs

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Recently, my practice of sneezing into my sleeve was called out and questioned by my co-clerk. I explained to her that I had been doing this for several years, after learning the technique from a former co-worker who had been a nurse. It was a way, I explained, of keeping the sneeze-funk off my hands, even if it seemed unorthodox. My co-clerk accepted my explanation, but still seemed somewhat skeptical.

And so, I bring you all this video made by people who seem to know a thing or two about a thing or two, propagandizing the public acceptance of sleeve-sneezing (and sleeve-coughing). It's informative and humorous, just like the Constitution.

For vindication of another of my odd, oft-criticized, but pragmatically sound habits, see the last line of Dan Melia's letter here.

1 Comment

I like your blog because it leaves me both educated and entertained.

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