Stupid Bay Area Local Government Goings-On


Today I bring you two stories of unmitigated dumbery from some less-than-prominent Bay Area political bodies.

Item Number One: BART bans all alcohol ads. Without getting into the First Amendment dimensions of this (short version: It's commercial speech, so there isn't much of an issue), I just can't get behind this. The monkey idiots who run BART couldn't find their asses with both hands when it comes to actually putting together an efficient transit system, so I guess they decided to bend over to the Bay Area's powerful lobby of Teetotallers and Parents with Limited Actual Involvement in Their Children's Lives by taking a dopey moral stand on hooch. For the children, you see. I'd like to encourage BART riders to wear or otherwise display signs on their person that say "DRINK BOOZE" just to spite these people. This decision will cost BART $400,000 to $500,000 a year in ad revenue.

Item Two: Berkeley to Regulate Nanotechnology. The march of the luddites continues in Berkeley. They don't like nuclear technology, they can't stands biotechnology, and now they're finally standing up to tiny robots. Way to go, folks.


Don't forget the protests over levelling out a few mounds at the People's Park last week.

People seem to have developed an activism miopia around here.

The Berkeley City Council also hates football stadiums, training facilities, their inability to bring impeachment proceedings against the president and vice president (they spent $10,000 on this), earthquakes, tritium, parking garages, and space lasers (really).

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