A Message for the Volokh Conspiracy


Seriously. They should change the name of that blog to "andanotherthing.org." Do we need twenty posts on every single topic? How about you gather your thoughts and put together a unified post that contains your full analysis? The Internet doesn't have to be this organic.

Here's my impression of the Volokh Conspiracy:

[Eugene Volokh]
THE SKY: I've been thinking about the color of the sky. My initial inclination is that the sky is blue.

[Eugene Volokh]
MORE ON THE SKY: On further reflection, yes, the sky is blue.

[Ilya Somin]
THE COLOR OF THE SKY: Following up on Eugene's earlier post, I also agree that the sky is, in fact, blue.

[Eugene Volokh]
ADDITIONAL INFO ON THE SKY: Ilya recently posted his agreement regarding the color of the sky. I'd also like to add that the sky is apparently not green.

[Sascha Volokh]
GEOFFREY OF MONMOUTH ON THE COLOR OF THE SKY: According to an obscure twelfth-century text apparently written by Geoffrey of Monmouth that I was perusing this morning, the sky is actually teal.

[David Kopel]
SKY COLOR CONTROVERSY: The sky is generally blue. However, the sky is also sometimes gray, and at night it's black.

[David Bernstein]
THE SKY: I agree with my colleagues regarding the color of the sky. All sources indicate that the sky is blue most of the time and other colors at other times.

[Eugene Volokh]
CLARIFICATION: Thanks to David for the additional info re: the color of the sky. I acknowledge that the sky is also sometimes gray and black. It turns out that, during the sunset, other colors such as red, orange, and purple also appear.

[Todd Zywicki]
I WENT TO DARTMOUTH: I'd just like to remind everyone that I went to Dartmouth, where the sky is often blue.

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