I Fought the (Irish) Law

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I'm in the process of applying for dual Irish citizenship. The kind folks at the Republic of Ireland don't make it easy. Here are the documents that I have amassed in support of my claim to Irishness:

Certified copy of my birth certificate
Notarized copy of my driver's license
Two passport-sized photos of myself*
Two things addressed to me at my current address**
Notarized copy of my dad's driver's license
Certified copy of my parents' marriage certificate
Certified copy of my dad's birth certificate
Notarized copy of my grandmother's driver's license
Certified copy of my grandparents' marriage certificate
Certified copy of my grandmother's birth certificate***

In addition, the application form contains a section in which someone must verify that they know who I am. But, this section can only be completed by one of the following:

Member of the Clergy
Medical Doctor (Suck it, Ph.D.'s and Psy.D.'s!)
School Principal(!?)
Bank Manager(!?!?)
Lawyer (Yeah!)
Police officer

Apparently bank managers and school principals are held in high esteem in the land of Erin.

* I had these done at Walgreens, but I realized that I probably should have just done it my damn self using our digital camera and photo printer.

** The Consulate actually needs three things addressed to me, so I won't be able to file the application until I get another piece of junk mail.

*** I ordered this by mail from the General Registrar's Office in Ireland. I included a return receipt postcard on the request, and got the postcard and the birth certificate on the same day, about a week or two later. Startling efficiency, let me tell you.

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On the flipside, it takes "*at least* 30 business days" [emphasis theirs -- I would have also emphasized "business"] for the San Francisco assessor-recorder to process a request for a copy of your own marriage certificate, even when the marriage was performed within the last two weeks.

"Processing includes, but is not limited to, the following activities:

* Performing the search (this may require manually searching through books and/or microfiche)
* Checking the entitlement of the certificate requester (e.g., Do state and local laws allow you to receive a copy of the requested document?)
* Placing necessary seals or stamps on the record. "

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