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After an extremely busy week and a weekend of being deathly ill, I've managed to pen, color and post a new strip, which is unusual for me these days. Given the fact that my previous strip was motivated by irritation at an ass-headed TV pilot and the latest strip arises from my growing impatience with folks like Jonathan Adler, perhaps anger is still my greatest muse. It's like I'm on the Squelch again.

So, yes, I'm getting a little fed up with Professor Adler. After a long stint of AEI apologism and thinly veiled climate change denial, Adler has recently shifted his sights toward the Supreme Court and the death penalty (following, of course, the Volokh Conspiracy rule of a jillion posts per topic). The latter thread surrounds this article by Dahlia Lithwick, which is actually quite interesting as long as you're willing to accept certain realities about the Supreme Court's death penalty jurisprudence. I encourage you to read the Lithwick piece. But for God's sake don't read the comments on any of the VC posts.

This would probably also be a good time to introduce the new, fully integrated I Fought the Law. As you may have noticed, the comics page is now hosted on Cementhorizon, including every individual comic. I've even resurrected two strips that went missing when I re-launched after the Bar Exam: Bar Review and Kam of the Future. I've also gone back and updated all the blog entries so that they point to CH pages, meaning that the previous fuzzydice incarnation is fully poised to be erased from existence. Many thanks to webmaster Gene for his help in making that happen.

1 Comment

Excellent comic. It pretty much sums up why I don't read volokh as much as I used to. But double kudos for you for describing the hair-splitting/face-value distinction. After blogging for so many years I've come to believe that most rubes on blogs don't get that way by being unduly gullible. Instead, they maintain their beliefs by being selectively *skeptical*.

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