Three Reactions to Last Night's Episode of Lost


1. Locke is increasingly proving himself to be the Gilligan of the Island.

2. Communication is very important when three people are securing a very small farmhouse. If two of them find massive amounts of high-powered explosives in the basement, they should find an appropriate time to inform the third person as soon as possible, even if intervening events must be given center stage.

3. Sun doesn't seem to be affected at all by the fact that she killed someone a few days ago. It's not everyone who can go so quickly from shooting a woman in self-defense to finding creative ways to mess with people in the context of an all-or-nothing ping pong match. That woman is a cold-blooded killa, straight up.


Lost just went from being a watch-it-live-in-HD-commercials-and-all event that makes my Wednesdays bearable to something I'll TiVo and watch when I'm bored.

even though i find the "games! (slather, drool) we must play games! computers can't cheat at chess...but i can! give me, give me, ping pong ball!" sort of retarded. i still really enjoy the comic relief that comes with kicking sawyer's ass with a ping pong paddle and the no nicknames for a week rule. i hope that rule is over next week though because i like it when he calls them demeaning things.

my paramount thought from this epsiode though: "don't leave the cat behind!!! noOOooO!!! how will she survive?!?!?"

I think Sawyer's nicknames are wearing thin. It would be better if he didn't ALWAYS use nicknames. Though I liked it when he called Hurley Grimace, because I've always secretly wanted to call someone Grimace.

The cat thing bothered me, too. The cat was like, "Hey, you just blew up my house and you're taking away the guy who feeds me. Little help here?" Although presumably the cat now has a healthy supply of charbroiled beef.

Was that the same cat that was in Paris? Why would they keep doing stuff like that to us, you KNOW they're never going to explain it.

I haven't watched this since season one, but even I know what's going to happen. WARNING: The following contains spoilers that I completely made up.

In the next episode, Locke goes crazy (or does he?) and takes over the [latest important, mysterious building], holding Sawyer and Walt hostage. They discover an underground river. Walt constructs a canoe from old shoe leather, thumbtacks, and the pain of missing his mom, while Sawyer helps by calling him Hiawatha and occasionally ramming his own head against the wall for no reason. Later in the episode, Sawyer pulls off his face to reveal that he is, in fact, Walt's mom. Kate rescues them, pulling off her face to reveal that she is Walt's dad, who has been playing two roles on the island. Locke prays to the mystical island energy, then pulls off his own face, thinking he will become someone with the power to pull off his own face. The energy lets him down and he just winds up in a lot of pain.

In the final shot, everyone sits beside the river with their previous faces in their hands, while the cat steals Walt's canoe and Hurley listens to the Lemonheads in a bittersweet music-over.

if only walt and his dad hadn't sailed off in boat, i could almost believe your episode synopsis! (maybe add a line at the beginning, "walt and walt's dad arrive back at the island unexpectedly carried on the backs of two helpful dolphins. they are wearing only seaweed and walt is holding a dead pigeon in each hand that he killed with his mind."

...With the startling news that the island isn't an island at all -- it's Cleveland! Don't you see? That's why the Others take our children -- Cleveland!

curse that pied piper of cleveland!

There's also a series of flashbacks of Walt and Walt's dad where Walt's dad struggles to be a good father, and Walt accuses him of being a mask-wearing cross-dresser. Metaphorically, at least. Also, Walt and Dad live in Cleveland, their phone number is numerologically significant, and one of the Others once led Walt's class on a bird-watching expedition.

Matt, I thought the exact same thing about the cat! :(

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