Ye CAN Have Ye Pentacle


The Department of Veterans Affairs has settled the lawsuit over allowing the Wiccan pentacle on graves in national cemeteries (story here). The pentacle has been added to the list of available emblems of faith. It's 37, but it's not old.

Reviewing the list, it turns out that there are a bunch of different flavors of Christianity to choose from, but no separate emblem for Catholicism. Also, the atheist symbol is extraordinarily dumb.

And where's Scientology? It would be great to see a grave marker with an etching of Tom Cruise's face.


Wow, the atheist symbol IS really dumb.

The symbol for Scientology is an elaborate illustration of the [censored], but only the [censored] members of the church are permitted to view it, and even then only after they've [censored] with their [censored].

Scientology mad libs! Who's with me?

I'm so with you.

Also, looking at the other symbols in that list, I finally understand why people keep asking me if I'm Sufi. Or Sufist. Or Sufesque, or whatever the adjective form is. The jerks went and stole one of my tattoo designs 50 years before I got it.

The atheist symbol is awesomely Populuxe. I love Friendly Mr. Atom! Unfortunately, it has nothing to do with atheism, and I suspect that people exposed to sick-making levels of radiation probably have a higher incidence than average of suddenly believing in God.

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