What in God's Name is the Matter with You People?



Apparently today is Blog About Pieces of Your Body Falling Off Day here at CementHorizon and I didn't get the memo.

But I suppose this is as good a time as any to announce that my hair is thinning in the yarmulke area.


Hahaha! Hey, it may be a new project for Kristen, but I've been blogging about pieces of my body falling off for just ages.

Also, so that you cannot say later that no one warned you: growing extra facial hair will not conceal the absence of head hair. This is a major misconception held by owners of thinning hair since the 1960s.

HA! Yeah, sorry about that. But not as sorry as the people who have to live on those streets and avenues are.

Dianna: one could in theory grow the facial hair, shave it off, and make it into a toupee for the head. I don't think Matt is at that point though.

Um, I trimmed my nails? Does that count as body parts falling off?

Speaking of body parts falling off, did you all hear about that girl who got her feet chopped off on the Tower of Power ride at a Kentucky Six Flags? gross.

Oh, wow. Guess who gets to come up with a very generous settlement package very quickly!

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