All Star FanFest Photo Blogging

Dr. M and I just got back from the All Star FanFest over at the Moscone Center in San Francisco. It was pretty fun, and there were things there that could be enjoyed without waiting in line for over an hour (unlike the Giants FanFest we went to a few months ago).

One thing we did stand in line for was the San Francisco Chronicle photo booth. We saw lots of little children entertainingly try to hold up the bat while having their picture taken before posing for our own shot. The system was set up so that everyone got the same headline ("Jason Turbow named All-Star MVP"), which I thought was lame, and therefore altered slightly.

That thing I mentioned yesterday about this being an apartment full of nerds? Exhibit B, fellas.

(Also, we don't own those jerseys -- they were provided by the SF Chronicle folks. Dr. M is wearing a Giants visor, which does belong to her, and I'm wearing a winery/golf course hat after declining to put on one of the hats they had available, hoping to avoid the risk of lice.)

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