It's been a while since I've cluttered up this here blog with pictures of my cats, so here we go.

Just remember, when you're out working during the week, this is what they do every day.

Pepe is an extremely cowardly cat in almost every way. He's scared of anything that's comparable in size to him or larger and moves. And yet every now and then he taunts death by balancing precariously on the tiny posts sticking out of the balcony. Stupid cat.

Pepe likes to hang out in the linen closet, particularly on the shelf where we keep the placemats. We don't like it when he does this, because we don't like having cat hair on our placemats, but, well, he's just so darn cute. This has created a bizarre inside joke between Dr. M and myself. When one of us notices that Pepe is doing this, we say "Pepe is being a policeman," because I once saw him doing that and said "Pepe is being a placemat," and Dr. M thought I said "policeman" and was confused.

We're a house full of nerds, and that's okay.


solidarity, cat photo poster.

Aww...this is the best post all week. I have one of those wire cat toys with the rolled-up paper. I call it the bug wire. Every cat I have has loved it.

What's the other cat's name?

Solidarity indeed!

The other cat's name is Ruby. The wire toy is called a "Cat Dancer" around these parts, and Ruby used to go crazy over them back when we had hardwood floors. She's less into them now but still likes them.

i m in ur closet
sheddin on ur placemats

Re: precarious Pepe. I don't want to alarm you in any way, but my cat Bean has fallen asleep on the windowsill and fallen to the ground outside not once but twice. Apparently she's made of jelly and so was just fine after both falls, but we don't let her sleep on the open window any longer. I'm not saying Pepe is as dumb as Bean by any stretch, but, you know, just in case....

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