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Looks like English courts are finally starting to get rid of those ridiculous wigs that judges and barristers wear, at least in family and civil cases. In criminal cases, where apparently a certain degree of right-proper silliness is still desirable, the wigs will stay on. I wonder if the Order of the Coif will change its name to the Order of the Regular Human Hair.

I'd have less of a problem with judicial wigs if judges and lawyers had a little more leeway with the wigs they could wear. It would be fun to change it up from day to day. You know, a pageboy wig one day followed by a big Dolly Parton number the next day. None of this eighteenth century Dangerous Liaisons crap for Lord Matt, no sir.

Hat tip: Concurring Opinions, where Nate Oman provides an opinion on the subject with which I could not possibly disagree more.

1 Comment

From the concurring opinions link: "...it dramatically underestimates the importance of tradition, ritual, and mystique in contributing to judicial legitimacy."

Hoo! Yes, by all means, let's add some mystique to the judicial process. Because that's how I want my criminal cases tried: with magic. That's like logic, right? They both end in "ic."

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