The Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Post


DO NOT CLICK ON THIS LINK UNLESS YOU WANT TO SEE HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS SPOILERS. The image on the other side of the link is an original work by me, inspired by this (which contains spoilers about the Sorcerer's Stone, but I think the Statute of Limitations has run on those). I'm not sure where the latter originated, but I found it on the Internet.

This counts as a comic strip, by the way. I'm back in business, baby!


That's kind of genius right there.

sam: let me share in your heavy burden, frodo! it is too much for you to bear the weight of the ring on your own!

frodo: i said no, sam!


ron and hermoine: we are going to share this stupid ring.

harry: uh...well...are you su...?

ron and hermoine: YES!

harry: oh. ok, guys, then i guess we can share.

you should do one for the bible too, since she stole copiously from that as well for her plot. die for my sins and resurrect this, potter!

Yeah, I thought about doing that, what with the whole Dumbledore-as-absent-God, Harry's shaken faith, the temptation of the Hallows and whatnot, but unfortunately I'm more familiar with the Lord of the Rings than I am with the Bible.

do not forget that he died willingly for all of us. that's important. i like it when people die for my sins. it makes my soul feel sparkly clean. even if they are just non-dead fakers.

excellent LotR though. seriously. Nod. :)

stop stealing the wind from my man Harry's sails

And when he finally gets back to the place he called home he finds that the place has been taken over by the evil Sharky/deatheaters

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