Chocolate Rain

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Watch. Wonder. Watch again. Continue to wonder. Do your best to unravel the mystery, and fail miserably. Blame 4chan. Repeat.

And please, for the love of God, explore the various video responses. Especially the McDonald's commercial and Vanilla Snow.

(This blog post is being brought to you partially of my own volition, and partially in response to a request by WT, who fears that his self-imposed blogging hiatus will leave the legal blogotron wanting for the spread of unexplainable Internet phenomena. He also suggested I share my observation that the authors of articles at Slate obviously don't title their own work, as there just can't be that many writers who would willingly begin the title of their articles with "Hey!").

1 Comment

Excellent. I could see a joint blogging venture in our future. Maybe we could call it Brothers in Law.

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