My Third and Final Halloween Post

After many a technical difficulty, I bring you the long-awaited image of me in my Halloween costume. Behold! "Lazy Person!"

(My colleague on the left there unfortunately couldn't come up with a costume and just wore her regular work clothes.)

You'd think that, what with Halloween being my favorite holiday and all, I'd put a little more effort into my costumes. Really, the last time I got jazzed about a Halloween costume was in 2001, when I created this obscure yet wonderful get-up:

Yes, that's me as Gabe from Penny Arcade, yes, I made the T-shirt myself by printing out the two halves of the giant Pac Man on T-shirt transfer paper, and yes, my hair is partially spray-painted black. It's also the outfit I was wearing when I met my wife.

So, my Halloween resolution will be to develop a serious costume for next year, perhaps even something that will be recognized by more than one person at any given Halloween party.

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