Conversations with My Wife, Part II


Me: Did you know that there's a city in France called "Brest"?
Dr. M: Yeah. There's that treaty. The Brest... Brest-Litovsk Treaty or something.
Me: It's called "Brest."
Dr. M: It's spelled B-R-E-S-T.
Me: I know. That's the best part!
Dr. M: You're a child.

[Carving pumpkins.]
Me: So all this gooey stringy stuff on the inside is what they make pumpkin pie and stuff out of?
Dr. M: [Sighs.] No, Matt.
Me: So what do they use?
Dr. M: The pumpkin! The pumpkin itself!
Me: You mean the rind?
Dr. M: It's only a rind on the outer edge.
Me: Wow. We're really wasting a lot of food here.

Dr. M: My friend said the funniest thing today.
Me: [Interested.]
Dr. M: She said, "Do people ever come up to you and tell you how hot your husband is?..."
Me: [Elated.]
Dr. M: "...Because people tell me how hot my husband is all the time."
Me: [Disappointed.]
Dr. M: So I said, "Well, your husband is hot."
Me: [Scowls.]


The last one is my favorite :)

The presence of Brest in Europe has derailed many a game of Ticket to Ride, as I dissolved into helpless laughter. Because, huh huh, titties.

I like that [scowls] is one of your emotions, like [elated]. How are you today? Today I am scowls.

Well, he is!

(and so are you. Uber hot.)

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