Beer Snobs of the World Despair


Rising gas prices I can handle, but when they start going after my microbrews, well, that's a whole nother thing. Apparently a worldwide shortage of hops is making beer more expensive (story here). Of course, this won't affect crappy beer, because life is cruel.


Well, balls.

My first thought on reading this was that with the amount I drink I might, maybe, wind up spending an extra 2 or 3 bucks a week for my nice microbrews. Big deal.

Then I realized that everyone else in Portland, who goes out four times a week and drinks steadily from 6pm to 2am, will switch to a crap-beer-only policy, the pubs will have no reason to serve anything but PBR, the gazillion local breweries will go out of business, and I will be SAD.


This is not some BS profit grabbing move like gas prices... shopping for my last batch of beer they were out of several varieties of hops, and the prices are starting to creep up.

“If I'm willing to pay three bucks extra per six pack, I'm willing to pay four or five extra bucks, don't tell that to the brewers though,”

I am NOT willing/able to pay 3,4,5 dollars more for a six pack... I am barely willing to pay sale prices right now.

Time to fence off part of the yard to keep the dog out so I can grow my own hops...I am also lucky to know a guy at one of the larger/less glamorous places in town so I get decent local beer for dirt cheap...

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