Just Another Manic Friday


A conversation with a coworker yesterday, with some embellishment for dramatic effect:

Me: Anything going on this weekend?
Him: Yeah, my brother-in-law is in town, and he's inexplicably a huge Bengals fan. So we have tickets for tomorrow.
Me: They're still together?
Him: What?
Me: [Pause.] Oh, you mean the football team.
Him: Yeah.
Me: Not the 80s chick band.
Him: [Questioning look.] Nnnnooo....
Me: [Hangs head in shame.]

Epilogue: I also though the Bangles were called the Bengals, at least on some level. At the very least I thought they were named after the tiger instead of the bracelet, which I didn't know about until last night when I told Dr. M this story.


Now they're cougars!


That's hilarious. I loved the Bangles.

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