New Blog, to Go with the Old Blog


As promised, I've started a whole nother blog devoted to astronomy: No Pants Astronomy. I'm still fiddling with the design, but there are two posts up as of right now.

The title was selected based on the outcome of a Facebook poll, turnout for which was distressingly low. It beat out my own preferred title, but hey. I aim to serve.

What with the weather in the Bay Area lately there haven't been many stargazing opportunities, but hopefully that will change soon, and in any case I intend to participate in Just Science 2008, posting a series of posts titled "The Terrible Secrets of Space" (inspired by this).

I'll still use IFTL is my primary blog, for the usual legal stuff and boring stories about myself.


I voted for No Pants Astronomy.

I haven't seen Pants in a log time.

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