On Subtlety


I'm often reminded that my affinity for extreme subtlety may render my communications completely opaque rather than cleverly coy. This is my own damn fault, I realize, and this is what seems to have happened with the fortune cookie post (either that, or there's just a general lack of interest amongst my readership).

So let's try this. On Saturday, Dr. M and I participated in our third Berkeley Photo Scavenger Hunt. One of the topics was "I've got good news and bad news." This was our entry.

(Note that it's important to realize from whose perspective the news is being received. Hint: In a constitutional sense, he or she does not yet exist.)



Now I feel bad at thinking the fortune cookie post was a dirty joke.

Like I said, my fault. And that conclusion was probably supported by my own past conduct.

Congratulations, both on the package and the newly-acquired self knowledge. I look forward to meeting the little ginger when he/she appears.

I GOT IT RIGHT (and right off the bat, too), I'll have you (Matt's readership) know! I have been being a polite person, emailing him about it, supposing that he was not quite ready to make an explicit announcement.

Yeah, but when is this person coming already? I've been waiting an hour now.

Wait, I don't get it.

Just kidding - congrats!!!

my mind totally went the dirty route too. though, the confused dirty route since i was still actually confused. but this is explicitly exciting! congratulations!

I thought neither dirty nor baby. I thought "letter bomb." And I'm not being silly.

What? What?! I'm not ready for this.




Best of luck!

Great news! Congratulations to you both.


OMG! Congrats! So are you gonna be a mommy or a daddy? I guess you wouldn't know yet. ;P

I thought you were expecting something from Amazon. Clearly, I've been doing too much online shopping.

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