Supreme Court Sitcoms


Top Ten Sitcoms Based on the Current U.S. Supreme Court

10. Five is Enough
9. How I Met Your Mother and Prevented Her from Having an Abortion
8. Kennedy Knows Best
7. U.S. Solicitor General Paul D. Clement Can't Lose
6. Welcome Back, Lochner
5. Justice Belvedere (starring Antonin Scalia)
4. Gunsmoke Generated by the Firing of Individually Owned Guns*
3. The Bad News Bench
2. Guantanamo Baywatch
1. Eight and a Half Men

* Yes, I know Gunsmoke wasn't a sitcom. Shut up.


You forgot such classics as,

Supreme Night Court
Roberts In Charge
Who's the Boss? (with Ruth Bader Ginsburg as Mona)
ALF (Alito Loves FISA)
Growing Stem Cell Pains

and the already aptly named,

Even Stevens

matt, this is probably the best blog posts i've seen this year. sure, you're only going against 3 months and 3 days of posts. but still.

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