Cohen v. California in T-Shirt Form


I'm tempted to buy this and wear it to a courthouse, just to see what happens.

(Cohen v. California, in case you're wondering, is the case where the Supreme Court decided that curse-words are protected by the First Amendment.)

You know, now that I think about it, "One Man's Vulgarity" would be a great name for a legal-themed blog. So would "Another Man's Lyric" for that matter.


in following your link to the t-shirt, i came across this:

i am torn between amusement and the desire to file a defamation suit of sorts.

As a great big fan of the Constitution (if I had chosen law as a profession, I'd have almost certainly worked in and/or taught Constitutional Law); as a great big fan of swearing (and particularly that one word, and all language, good usage and edginess); as an enormous fan of the First Amendment and as a pretty big fan of t-shirts, I believe I'm going to sit right here and order myself that very one, right fucking now.

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