Dr. M and I made a third effort at Geeks Who Drink this week. After our disappointing first experience and a second salvo in which we got resoundingly clobbered, we took home the gold on Wednesday. And by "gold" I mean "thirty-dollar gift certificate to McCabe's Bistro and Pub." You can see us in all of our gift-certificate-having glory here, though you'll have to get past a possibly not-work-safe photo of a part of a woman's breast to get there.

The host, judging by the blog post, seems to credit our success to a low turnout precipitated by precipitation. However, there were a number of other factors contributing to our triumph. They include, in no particular order:

1. The fact that the answer to "Which goth band...?" happened to be Bauhaus, the only goth band I know of.
2. Dr. M's knowledge of white reggae.
3. My surprising ability to identify porn actors by sight (I -- that's right, "I," not "we" -- got five out of eight on the visual round, a score bested by no one).
4. The fact that we were able to put our rudimentary Spanish skills together and independently derive "Lucha Libre" from its English translation.
5. Magic: The Gathering implausibly showing up as an answer in round seven.
6. Dr. M's recall for state names and my recall for state capitols.
7. The fact that the final round included both a physics question and an astronomy question (though, as the boob picture makes clear, I was not the person most qualified to identify Orion as the constellation that includes Bellatrix, Betelgeuse, and Rigel).
8. Only one member of our team was drinking (cider!) and he didn't win a single free beer.

And, you know, the fact that there were only seven teams playing.

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