The Olympics are Stupid

If I were an Olympic swimmer and won a gold medal in Olympic swimming, here are a few things I might say when the post-swimming interviewer asked "What was going through your mind during that final lap?"

1. "Chocolate or vanilla? And I'm not referring to ice cream. Baby."
2. "Donkeys. Hundreds and hundreds of donkeys."
3. "I was think how the ending of Crime and Punishment doesn't get the appreciation it deserves."
4. "Not my investment portfolio, that's for sure. Thank you, Paine Webber."
5. "SurehopeIwinthisracesurehopeIwinthisracesurehopeIwinthisrace."
6. "I was trying to figure out whether Hermione really comes back to life at the end of A Winter's Tale or whether she was just in hiding. That's been driving me crazy ever since high school."
7. "Psychotropic chemicals, and a whole lot of them, too."

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