Obama as Schroedinger's Cat


Things have gotten more intense on the 16th Street Mall since Monday as the buildup continues toward this evening's big Obamagasm at Invesco Field. I'll have some more pictures posted soon, though at the moment the 74-page contract Dr. M and I are going to sign tomorrow has a superior claim to my immediate attention.

I did, however, want to comment separately about a sign I saw yesterday that struck me as uncharacteristically cynical given the general tenor of Obama's supporters. The sign (which I took a picture of) said: "If you prefer the certainty of misery to the misery of uncertainty, you must be a Republican."

To begin with, this goes against a great deal of Obama's message, which has consisently attempted to convey the idea that Obama is certain to be a fabulous president, his relative lack of experience, secret devotion to the Twelfth Imam, and possible connections to communist, nazi, kitten-hating scoundrels notwithstanding. The sign basically says, yeah, Obama's a pig in a poke, but he probably won't be shittier than McCain and there's a chance he'll be less shitty.

Assuming you accept the premise that McCain would be a crappy president, the sign makes perfect sense. If you're given a choice between a turd and a paper bag that you know contains either a turd or a chocolate donut, you'll go with the paper bag every time. But it certainly doesn't make one feel very warm and fuzzy about the election, if the choice is between a turd and a maybe-a-turd. That very well may be what we're dealing with, but I doubt the Obama campaign will adopt that as their post-convention theme.

"Barack Obama: He probably won't fuck things up as badly as John McCain will."


What is your contract for?

We're buying a horse. I mean house.

I knew it, congrats!!!

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