Hey, you ever move into the house you just bought and then after you and your wife finish your take-out picnic dinner on the floor of the as-yet-unfurnished living room your wife tells you she thinks she's going into labor six weeks early, and you have to try to remember both what's supposed to go in a hospital bag and which boxes and suitcases those things are in, and the following afternoon you have a son?

Well I have!

Hence the lack of blogging. I should be back on the wagon soon.


I declare him to be the cutest tiniest H______.

We don't use real names here. Not even baby ones.

I knew my idea for giant glasses would be a hit!!!

Congratulations, by the way!

What a sweet little surprise!

OMFG!!!!!!!!!!!! SO CUTE!!!!!!!!

(In this case the F stands for the more age-appropriate Friggin. Or maybe Fudgin'?)

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