Yet Another Caption Contest


Previous caption contests haven't drawn much enthusiasm but I'm running this up the flag pole anyway.


The official name for that outfit, by the way, is "Baby St. Patrick."


OMG!!! Any attempt at captioning is futile in the face of such unbearable cuteness. Those infant fingers, those cheeks, those incredulous eyes! The only thing I could come up with was "Dad?!??"

I'm not even going to try, but just wanted to say CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!! Too. Freakin'. Adorable.

"In what respect, Charlie?"

i saw this and thought of you.

Awww. He's absurdly cute. I hope he's using his powers for good.

I'll bite....

"so...that's the forehead I have to look forward to?"

hope fatherhood is treating you well.

you could start a separate parenting blog and call it No Pants Fatherhood... or maybe not.

I say, good fellow, have you perchance seen my lunch? Stylish spectacles, dark hair? I'd be much obliged.

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