A Small, Cute Halloween


We had our first Halloween in the 'burbs last week, and the boy's first Halloween ever. Our house was overrun with trick-or-treaters young and old, and I found myself chiding older boys for not letting younger kids and/or girls get at the candy first. And somehow I'm more comfortable talking to teenage girls now than I was when I was a teenager.

Anyway, in addition to all that, cute things happened and we took pictures. First, here's the boy in one of his many Halloween outfits:

Dr. M's sister came down from the Fort to share in the Halloween revelry, and brought her dog, Riley. This did not sit well with Ruby.

Despite the fact that Riley could obviously have torn Ruby in two without breaking a sweat (or a drool, I guess, since dogs sweat through their tongues, rendering their armpits rather superfluous), Ruby refused to yield any territory and insisted on lurking near the dog to show the mongrel who was the queen of the roost.

Toward the end of the evening Ruby retreated upstairs and plotted Riley's demise from afar.

All in all it was a lot of fun, and we're looking forward to next year when Eamon can participate a little more. Also, judging by the Halloween decorations we saw in our neighborhood, our block is going to be visible from space come Christmastime.


I warned you about moving next door to this guy, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y5YreIlWYvY.

I'm so happy you had fun :) Don't take your surfeit of decked out tots for granted; some of my family and friends are just spirit-sunk at their dearth of trick or treaters these days. Times (and lots of neighborhoods), they are a-changin'.

Looking forward to pics of your 'hood at Christmas!

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