Nut Allergy Humor Done Right

Back in my days as an egomaniacal Squelch editor/contributor I made a few feeble attempts to bring allergy-related humor to the pages of the magazine. My food allergies have, of course, been an important part of my identity, and remain so despite the fact that many of them have mysteriously disappeared. The allergy humor, I must admit, didn't go over terribly well. First there was this much-maligned EIC column in which I attempted to set out a humorous peanut-allergic manifesto, followed some time later by this tragically introspective newsflash, which sort of encapsulates the dilemma of the allergic humorist.

After these efforts I was content to leave allergy humor behind in favor of comedic stylings that were even less accessible, all the while failing to realize the proper venue for jokes based on nut allergies. For you see, there is nothing so stupid that people won't buy it if you put it on a T-shirt:

allergy alert this shirt may contain a nut

Good to see that someone is making a go of it.

I should point out that this shirt contains an allergy joke AND a psychology joke.

I should also point out that other people have, in fact, done a better job expressing peanut allergy humor via traditional media. For example:

Apparently Werewolf was Allergic to Peanuts, from The Onion
(Crash of Thunder) from Penny Arcade
From the Desk of George Washington Carver, from the Squelch, which makes it hurt that much more. Padrick!

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