Get Up, Stand Up


It's been a while since I posted an adorable picture of my son on this blog. So here:

Here we have the boy participating in two of his favorite pastimes: pretending to stand, and staring at something. He also likes to pretend to jump, an activity which involves more effort on the part of whichever adult is helping him do it. At this rate he's sure to inherit the tree-trunk calves of his forefathers.

As for the staring, I think he's staring at the chandelier. He likes to stare at that, an anything with stripes. It's the contrast, methinks.

Also: Sideburns.


Do you have tree-trunk calves, too? Is it a H_______ thing? I always thought it was all the biking I did when I was younger.

Yep, my dad and I both have them.

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