Oh Hai I Upgraded My RAM

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Yesterday I doubled the amount of RAM in my three-year-old desktop computer, which has made a huge difference in performance, not surprisingly. The most noticeable improvements have been in the functioning of Adobe Premiere Elements and Photoshop Elements, both version 7.0, which were maddeningly sluggish before the upgrade.

This weekend I've been screwing around with both programs, and here's what happened. I recommend watching this in high quality. I also welcome any suggestions as to how to not make YouTube videos look like crap.

If you liked this video, check out manbabies.com.

1 Comment

YouTube stuff will only ever look so good, because the powers that be at YouTube have decided that people would rather have videos load fast than look good. YouTube is the place to go for maximum viewers, but it's not the place to go for quality video. The problem with the high quality option is that no one will click on it no matter how much you want them to.

When you output your video, the higher you set your bit rate, the better the result will look online. I usually use 2000 kbps.

You could try some other video sharing sites. Vimeo usually comes out looking much clearer than YouTube and is good for personal videos.

Great slideshow, by the way. I enjoyed it. But I didn't click on high quality.

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