Baroque Masterpieces and Unreleased Eight-Bit Nintendo Games

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As I've mentioned before, I'm taking an audio course on music to enhance my cultural capital. The cultural capitalism has been slow-going, though I have been able to recognize certain pieces of music on the classical cable television station we keep on during the day to ensmarten our son.

Most recently, my powers of musical observations revealed themselves in a most unlikely context. Last night I was poking around, an online NES emulator, and for reasons which I will never fully understand I decided to play an unreleased game from 1993 called The Adventures of Dr. Franken. The game itself is incoherent and abysmal -- Near as I can tell you play Frankenstein's monster in striped pajamas, wandering around a mansion in search of prominently marked "Exits" while shooting what I can only assume is lightning at various monsters.

But, the music played during the title screens is one of Bach's fugues from The Well-Tempered Klavier, which was covered extensively in my music course. And I was able to recognize the horribly synthesized eight-bit four-track version despite the missing voices.

Somehow I don't think that's going to score a lot of points at parties, but I'm getting there.

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next you should listen to some of the full-orchestra versions of classic video game music. you know. to broaden your scope or whatever :)

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