Super Molestache Thursday!


This is what happens when you start shaving once a week, and decide to get creative about it. Fucking law school.

Fun quotes from the last 36 hours!

"If I stand out there with my two balls, it�s pretty pathetic." - An actual law professor.

"I'll kill you." - The same professor, some minutes later.

(On the exceptional degree of suspension of disbelief required at the end of Tim Burton's Planet of the Apes.) "No, that makes sense. If I were a monkey I'd build the Lincoln Memorial." - Steve, yesterday.


one thing i forgot to mention. when i become a judge, whenever i dismiss a case for want of jurisdiction, i'm going to say,

"jurisdiction? more like juris-FICtion! case dismissed." [gavel.]

that alone should be enough to spark a campaign to keep my ass off the bench.

Damn thats a funny picture!

It cements in my mind the fact that a hairy upper-lip is coming back into style. A notion more frightening than even the return of the mullet.

Over the summer all the guys who worked on the film (Trannies!) somehow decided it would be a good idea to grow 'stashes for the wrap-party. It was exceptionally strange to be in a social situation where 90% of the men had ridiculous looking hairy lips...

But this how these things start. A bunch of people start doing something for its Camp/Kitsch value, and soon it becomes actual FASHION.

Be afraid.

No. No mustaches. Not now, not ever. Let it be known that Matt was not allowed any love until the molestache was gone. To be fair, he saved it for me because I wanted to see it. However, the sight was unexpectedly disturbing. The man I know and love had suddenly become a stranger, a gym-teacher-pervert-type-hairy man speaking with the voice of my beloved. Begone, foul facial hair!

I find the molestache strangely compelling. Much unlike I found Marky Mark's ape-like performance. "I can't bel;ieve there'th tho many apeth!"

And, boy oh boy, does Jose Cortez suck.

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